Discover how G2
partnered up with CSGORoll,
a fraudulent online casino.
An introduction into the unethical practices of G2.
G2scam.com is an initiative formed by a collective of peaceful protestors, known as ”The Castle”, formed in late 2023 to combat the fraudulent activities of illegal gambling. This movement targets the controversial practices of G2 Esports in their brief but contentious affiliation with CSGORoll.com, a CS:GO skin gambling website. G2 Esports, under scrutiny, partnered with CSGORoll in May 2023, which drew immediate backlash from the community for promoting gambling activities, especially to younger audiences. Critics accuse G2 of irresponsibly endorsing a platform implicated in unregulated gambling operations, thereby risking the welfare of its fan base and the broader gaming community. The partnership, which lasted a mere three months, was marked by G2’s subsequent distancing from CSGORoll following public outcry and legal concerns. The Castle mission is to expose and hold G2 Esports accountable for their actions, encouraging transparency and ethical conduct within the esports industry. By leveraging public awareness campaigns and legal pathways, the initiative seeks justice for those potentially misled or harmed by G2’s promotional activities and aims to pressurize other platforms that may host or promote similar questionable content.

What is The Castle?

We are a group of peaceful protestors, mostly consisting of people who have been scammed by illegal casino websites. We’re aiming to raise awareness about these scams & unethical practises, ultimately to stop other victims from getting taken advantage of.

What has G2 done?

G2 Esports briefly partnered with CSGORoll , a CS:GO skin gambling site, in May 2023, which sparked immediate backlash from the community for promoting gambling, especially to younger audiences. Amidst the controversy and public outcry over the unregulated nature of the gambling operations and ethical concerns, G2 distanced themselves from CSGORoll, removing evidence of their partnership. However, despite G2’s actions to distance themselves, CSGORoll continues to list G2 Esports as a sponsor on their website, raising questions about the ongoing nature of their relationship and G2’s commitment to addressing the concerns surrounding gambling promotions.

G2 Esports found itself in the midst of controversy following its partnership with CSGORoll, a CS:GO skin gambling site, announced in May 2023. The announcement was particularly contentious because it featured m0NESY, a young CS:GO player for G2, who was only days past his 18th birthday at the time of the promotional video’s release. This situation sparked widespread criticism due to the sensitive nature of gambling and its promotion to potentially underage audiences within the esports community. Critics and community members raised concerns about the ethical implications of using a newly legal adult to promote gambling, highlighting the broader issue of gambling in esports and its accessibility to young fans.


Despite the initial push to incorporate CSGORoll as a partner, described by G2 as a move to elevate the player experience with skin trading and social gaming, backlash from the community led to G2 distancing itself from CSGORoll. Within three months, G2 began removing traces of the partnership from its platforms, including social media and promotional content, although CSGORoll continued to list G2 Esports as an official partner on its website.


Alban Dechelotte, CEO of G2 Esports, had emphasized the fun and expressive aspect of in-game skins, mentioning m0NESY’s enjoyment of selecting skins as part of his connection to the game. The partnership was framed as an opportunity for G2 fans to access rare skins, aligning with G2’s goal of enhancing fan experiences. However, the manner of the announcement and the involvement of a young player right after becoming legally eligible for gambling sparked a significant pushback, illustrating the complexities and responsibilities of esports organizations in their partnerships and promotions.


Ilya ”m0NESY” Osipov was signed by G2 Esports from Na’Vi Junior on January 3, 2022, when he was 16 years old​.